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Post  Prad'ale'kleoni on Thu Jul 12, 2012 10:15 am

Hey everybody,

I tallied up the totals for promotion points based on what everyone has posted on the forums for each character. Based on the results, two people have achieved promotion to the next level in the Black Hand so far: Siwari and Ark'anas. Siwari achieved hers awhile ago but has been AWOL for a few weeks now. Ark'anas (though only a member for less than a week) has knocked it out on the forums and has already achieved promotion. I want to thank everyone for making use of the forum. It's great to see your posts and get to know your characters on a deeper level than can be conveyed in a half hour of cantina RP. I hope that they are a bit more accessible with the Bounty Boards by planet and that you continue to use them.

As for the promotions, we will conduct them during our weekly meetings on Saturdays at 7 or 8 PM server time. I'll try to post a reply on this thread with those being promoted, so let us know if you can't make it.

Here's a comprehensive list of the promotion points earned by character:
Siwari: 10
Ark'anas: 10
Travula: 5
Grimwraith: 4
Moonblade: 4
Chorvon: 3
Bayrn: 3
Rexus-Prime: 1
Jagey: 1
Xuko: 1
Alaski: 1
Cendari: 1
Shigure: 1

Let me know if these numbers look incorrect to you. It's entirely possible that I could have made an error calculating them since there's not better method than just looking through the forum and tallying them.

Thanks again everyone and I hope to see a lot of you during the meeting this Saturday.



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