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Post  Jamir on Fri Jul 20, 2012 11:37 am

If you have a suggestion about anything from a guild event to a forum improvement, please leave them here. The guild belongs to everyone, so let yourself be heard!

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Post  Ark'anas on Sun Aug 05, 2012 3:18 am

Figured I might as well leave my two cents here. Since no one else has o_O

The first thought that comes to mind is with the promotions, it's structured well, but with the guild bank being already so full, it's become impossible to put items in for promotion points, and the bounties are going to run out eventually, (Logically it makes sense that they can only be claimed once anyway) So maybe when it comes to being on the forums for turning in bounties... to be in character, using them to describe the events that transpired rather than just posting "(Mark here) was killed, by such and such"
That could be rewarded with incentive of maybe a bonus to promotion points. Not everyone can be on the game all the time, but the forum is here to be used... and it sadly doesn't see as much activity as it possibly could.

Inacivity is another killer... Guild events and such have been on my mind alot lately, just because it would be nice to spend time with everyone, but the last two times we've had a scheduled meeting and not many people showed up. Sad

Recruitment then becomes hard because from a potential recruitee's point of view, they want to join a fun active guild with friendly people where their characters can feel at home but logging in to see maybe.. 3 people on? who may not be very talkative.. it doesn't really encourage them to want to stay around very long...

That being said though, you're a great bunch of people and even with the inactiveness. I'm glad I'm still here and will do everything I can to aid in keeping this guild alive. /nod

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